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How to Get PayPal Client ID & Secret

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PayPal is one of the leading payment processing services. To use PayPal APIs, you need two credentials, namely Client ID & Secret. Any PayPal account holder can use these to fetch account data like balance etc.

You can fetch PayPal Client ID & Secret in 4 steps.

  1. Visit PayPal developer's dashboard and log in to your PayPal account by selecting Log in to Dashboard in the top right corner.

  2. Under My apps & credentials, switch to the Live tab and select Create App.

  1. Input a name and select Create App. Now, scroll down, under the LIVE APP SETTINGS section, check Transaction Search and Save to get access to transaction-related APIs, which is also crucial for checking balance.
  1. Now, scroll up on the same page. Under LIVE API CREDENTIALS, you can copy both Client ID. To get the Secret, click on Show.

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