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This documentation is only for the desktop app. It will be updated soon for the mobile apps as well. Thanks for your patience.

Getting Started

Radar is a desktop application available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It lets you check the things that matter to you the most from the menubar. You can also setup threshold notifications and visualize the change of data over time on a line chart.

Why menubar?

You can check menubar from anywhere on your system. Radar lives quietly in the menubar. You can summon it when needed from any application by clicking the icon or using the global keyboard shortcut.


How does it work?

The data point you are interested in is fetched from an API. Radar can connect with any API and call it periodically when auto-refresh is enabled or on-demand.

How can I bring data to Radar?

There are two ways. You can either use a one-click installer from Radar collections or manually add an API. You can know more in adding data section.