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How to 1-Click Unfollow Multiple People on Twitter

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On Twitter, we all want to have more followers than followings. To maintain a healthy followers-to-following ratio, it's not wrong to occasionally unfollow users that don't add value to your feed.

It's easy when you only follow a handful of people. You can go to the Twitter following page and smash the unfollow button. When you have hundreds of followers, it's tough to do it manually.

You can automate the process of unfollowing multiple people at once without lifting your finger. Most services that do this are paid and ask for permission to access your Twitter account.

To simplify the process, I've built a highly configurable Automa workflow to get this done. Automa is a browser extension that lets you automate repetitive tasks with ease.

I've shared below how you can use that workflow to reduce your following count.

What is the unfollow limit on Twitter?

Unlike following rules, Twitter doesn't seem to have a limit for unfollowing. You should be able to unfollow as many people as you want as long as you don't violate Twitter's "follow churn" rule.

The "follow churn" rule prevents following & unfollowing many accounts in a short span of time to inflate one's follower count.

When testing the automation I built using a throwaway account, I encountered issues when following people. Twitter was preventing me from following multiple people in a short time.

I was able to follow approximately 1 account every half hour. But, I didn't face any issues when unfollowing people.

To automate the unfollowing process, you need to install the Automa browser extension first. It supports Chrome & Firefox for now.

Backup your following list

This is an optional step. If you want, you can create a CSV backup of the Twitter users you follow. After installing Automa, visit Twitter fetch users workflow page and select Add to extension.

add a workflow to automa extension

Select Ok in the alert. You must have logged in to your Twitter account to run this workflow. Now, open Automa from the extensions area of the browser, and click the play button next to the Twitter fetch users workflow.

starting twitter fetch users automa workflow

Input, https://twitter.com/following in the URL field and select Run. The workflow will run for some time based on the number of users you follow and a CSV file will be downloaded with name, username, url & bio fields.

twitter fetch users automa workflow csv export

When the automation is running, you will see a colored dot on top of the Automa extension icon. If the dot disappears that means the automation finished running.

Unfollow Twitter accounts with an Automa workflow

After installing Automa, add Twitter unfollower workflow to the Automa extension. After visiting the workflow page, click Add to extension.

You will see an alert to intimate the successful installation of the workflow. Select OK. You can now run the workflow to unfollow users.

automa alert to open a workflow

Before running the workflow, ensure that you are logged in to Twitter with the correct account. If you have logged in with multiple accounts, make sure that the right account is active.

To run the automation, select Automa from the extensions and click the play button.

automa start twitter unfollower workflow

Now, you will see 3 different ways to customise the unfollow behaviour.

  1. Whitelist accounts
  2. Ignore users who follow you
  3. Limit the number of unfollows
twitter unfollower configuration

1. Whitelist accounts

You can input comma-separated usernames without @ in the users field to stay following specific users. When the workflow runs, it ignores these users.

2. Ignore users who follow you

You may want to keep following the users who follow you. This option lets you do that. To unfollow those users as well, put 0 in the ignoreMyFollowers field.

3. Limit the number of unfollows

You might only want to reduce your follower count by a specific number. This option comes in handy if that's the case. Input your number in the maxUnfollows field. The automation stops running after it unfollows the number of users specified by you. The default count is 100.

It is recommended to keep your count as 100 and run the automation multiple times if required in 15 mins intervals to be on the safer side.

Once you are ready, select Run. The workflow runs and unfollows users with respect to the three configurations mentioned above.

twitter unfollower automa workflow in action

As the above-mentioned two automations work based on the DOM structure of Twitter, a change in it might break the tool. Please let me know when something is not working as expected. The fix should be straightforward and simple.

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