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How to Unsubscribe from Multiple YouTube Channels

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Over time, you might have subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels. You feel like your YouTube feed is cluttered and needs a clean-up.

Obviously, YouTube doesn't provide any out-of-the-box way to bulk unsubscribe from channels. We need to rely on third-party scripts or add-ons to get this done.

As you might already know, almost all of the blogs online suggest you run a script in the browser console to mass unsubscribe from the YouTube channels.

Those scripts work based on targeting the DOM nodes. Hence, if YouTube changes something in the UI, it might stop working.

The problem with using extensions is, if it's not open source, we don't know what it does behind the scenes.

My solution to this problem is using an open-source automation extension Automa with a workflow built by me.

Automa is an amazing browser extension that saves your time by automating repetitive tasks, scraping data and much more. You can use it without worries as it's open source.

Mass unsubscribe YouTube channels with an Automa workflow

It's a simple 4 step process.

1. Install Automa


currently supports Chrome & Firefox. Visit their homepage, you will find links to add it to your browser.

2. Add YouTube mass unsubscriber workflow to Automa

From your browser, visit the channel unsubscriber workflow page & select Add to extension.

add youtube mass unsubscriber extension to automa

3. Run the workflow

After you select 'add to extension', you will get a browser alert. Press Enter or select OK. Now, Automa opens. Select the play button inside the YouTube mass unsubscriber workflow to run it.

automa alert to open a workflow
automa initiate running a workflow

4. Refresh the page & run again if there are more subscribed channels

You can know that the workflow has finished running when you don't see a red dot in the Automa extension icon. Now, refresh the page. You might see more channels if had subscribed to more than 100 channels. Run the workflow again to unsubscribe from all channels.

youtube mass unsubscriber automa workflow running

How it works

As soon as you run the unsubscriber workflow, it opens your YouTube channel feed. It's the page with the list of channels you are subscribed to.

After that, it unsubscribes you from all the channels one by one. It simulates user action by targeting DOM nodes.

Over time, if YouTube makes some UI changes, this workflow as well might stop working. If it doesn't work, please let me know by sending an email to vignesh@getradar.co.

Additional method

I came across another Chrome extension called YouTube unsubscribe all that worked well. This is also a 4 step process.

  1. Install YouTube unsubscribe all.
  2. Go to your YouTube channel feed.
  3. Open the extension and select start.
  4. Once done refresh the page and run again if needed.
youtube unsubscribe all chrome extension

Although it's a simpler method, you can use this at your own risk as its source is not open.

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