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This documentation is only for the desktop app. It will be updated soon for the mobile apps as well. Thanks for your patience.


In addition to showing the metrics, Radar can alert you by sending threshold desktop notifications. It can be helpful when you want to know as soon as things change with the metrics you track with Radar.

For example, you can set Radar to send a desktop notification when the Bitcoin price goes below $45,000 so that you can waste no item buying the dip.

How to enable notifications & how it works

Click on the pencil icon next to a metric and then select 'Next'. Now, set an auto-refresh interval without which you can't enable notifications. Check 'Show threshold notifications' and select 'Next'.

enabling notifications in radar app

Notifications trigger in the auto-refresh interval when needed. You can use one of the two ways to trigger the notifications.

  1. Numerical threshold check
  2. With JavaScript

Numerical threshold check

When installing from a 1-click installer, you can decide when the notification should be triggered. Three modes are supported. Greater than, less than and equals to.

When you select greater or less than, the primary/secondary value's numerical value is taken and compared with the threshold value you give. If the condition is satisfied, a notification will be shown.

numerical threshold notification on radar

With JavaScript

This method gives more control to the user. Notification text and the logic to trigger the notification can be customized using JavaScript. Check 'Customize notification with JavaScript'.

with js customizing the notification logic

Now, you can write your logic to trigger the notification. You have access to the API data, primaryValue, secondaryValue & pastValues. Check the format of pastValues. You need to set notificationText variable to get a notification.

For example, you can write a custom logic to get alerts whenver the bitcoin price goes below or above $37,000. Following custom code achieves that,

if (data.market_data.current_price.usd < 37000) {
  notificationText = 'Time to buy more!';
} else {
  notificationText = 'Time to sell!';

You can access the last value captured using pastValues[-1]. It is useful when you want to show notifications only when values are greater or less than the previous value.

When the API response is HTML, you get access to $. You can use this JQuery variable to assign values from the dom. Cheerio is used to make this possible.


You can use log.info function for printing debug logs. You can refer to custom value debugging to learn more.

Snoozing Notifications

When you don't want to get notifications temporarily, you can snooze all notifications or notifications of a specific metric. Right-click the Radar icon, select "Snooze Notifications". You can enable notifications again using the same menu option.